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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 2/23/2016

Please Pray GOD sends me life partner quickly real soon In JESUS Name
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posted by: sathish on 2/11/2016

Pray with me for me to experience courage.pray for me to earn money with peace of mind.
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Job Success
posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 2/8/2016

I had graduated high school last year and I had been unemployed from September until late January. Now that I have a job please pray so that I may do well on the job.
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Suffering from severe depression, loneliness and feelings of abadonment from some family and friends
posted by: Ginger Towner on 1/30/2016

Please pray that God will restore me in my faith. That I will draw on His strength that I know only He can give. I feel like some of my family and friends don't understand how bad my depression is and they stand in judgement of me and yet they profess to call themselves Christians. It has shaken my faith in others but I am trying not to let it shake my faith in the Almighty. My husband and I are currently doing Bible devotions together and are growing in His Word and are possibly looking for a church family.
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posted by: keijo leppioja on 1/14/2016

Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine here who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,thanks for helping,bless,keijo sweden
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Family Problems
posted by: Dasha Sanz on 1/6/2016

for Joshua to be treated w/love by his stepdad & mom. for my husband & I to be completely healed & that we are blessed in our new businesses.
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posted by: Pastor Begi Stephen on 1/4/2016

Shalom, Pastor, Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord. I pray that this friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God. Pastor, God wants to increase you.He wants to enlarge your work and ministry,your vision and mission, your success and strengthen you to fulfill your destiny. Pastor, God Has called you, He has chosen you,anointed you and approved you for his great job of preaching about His kingdom and win more souls to Him. Pastor, you are God,s special workman,s.Psalm 139,says that God knew you before you were formed in your mother,s womb! Pastor, your greatest blessings began when God said ,He created you in His image in Genesis 1;-26,everything will put your hands to is going to prosper very well,because you are blessed. Pastor, your work has been chosen to be a part of God,s plan for these last days. Pastor, our ministry has a mission.we take very seriously Jesus call to action in mark 16;-15. Pastor, if we believe that the church has a specific role to do in spreading the gospel before Jesus returns,who will do that? Pastor, God has chosen you for a great commission and solemn work of God. Pastor Jesus commands you to make more disciples of all Nations.that means developing who are walking behind him,learning from him and seeking to become like him[Colossians 1;-28] Pastor ,you have been given a mission to lead all people to become the followers of Jesus Christ[Matt 18;-18-20] Pastor, this specific task which God has for you and nobody else, it is the task of a pastor called by God to lead the flock at any time-through the process of change from the place where they are to the place where God wants them to be,it will help you to take his people through the dedicated process of change completely. The great servant of God, God- Has called you and placed you in a special congregation or ministry because He has a specific task that you are supposed to fulfill here on earth! Pastor, God has a great purpose for you. He has created you to accomplish great things for Him. God Has a task and a purpose for you.He will be with you and He will accomplish the task through His power.He will equip you and give you the power to do it in Jesus Name. Pastor, God is very faithful. if He calls you to a task that is greater than your own abilities,He will also give you the people to support the great good work you are doing for Him. Pastor, God Has a great plan with your life! yes! even before you were born He planned you in the finest detail. humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up[James 4;-10] Pastor, your harvest is on It,s way!!! How do you responds to God various calls/ Pastor,pray for us and we are inviting you to come and minister to us this year 2016, The big Revival and Reformation conference. Greet All. Thank you, Pastor Begi Stephen.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 12/17/2015

I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen
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INtercessory Prayer to final be delivered out the dispised ignored
posted by: Steve & Becky the Forgotten trampled down on 12/4/2015

Intercessory prayer to final get delivered from be condemned to continue be run through the meat grinder daily enough! Father in heaven in Jesus Christ Name there is a ongoing demanding to deliver us from this enslaved crual poverty that destroying are family! That in adult protective service falsely acusing my wife with the crime of financial explotation All because I haven't been empower to get back out to find a job! Thank you that your being so wonderful to us to daily disrespectfully to keep us beet up and down! Where thank you we numb with grief of anger bitterness wraft against you not stepping in to send in relief of reprieve of a financial deliverance! Since I've been kept from getting out to work whom are you going too send to be our financial supporter since your keeping me from being the supporter of my family! Since constantly I apply fo a job since 2009 and no employer wants to hire me! Thank you I need my path cleared so I can get things caught up at our goat farm and somehow we need a second vehicle to have more of a chance to get a job! That why I need to know when is you will going to work to bring to us someone to donate a van and a truck! Also start burdening folks in this area to come to my place wanting me to take there unwanted vans, cars, trucks and all other unwanted thing off their farm to clean it up! Where is the donation of land I am needing to start up a savage fabercation shop on where is my supernatural supporter from you Lord God I want to know! That I can have a way to again bring in a income from my own two hands! Where is my Lord Gods helping delivering when we have be high centered to take care of ourself! Whom is going to protect our adult kids future not to be destroyed by meddling folks like the State of Washington jesus Christ Holy Spirit!!! When can we stop being smached into the dirt too have the deliverance that we need that God shall hear that were are burned out! We need to quit being depressed and worried over all this that we've really lost hope that we can trust that God will answer these prayers I keep send up to you we've had enough!
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posted by: Jonathan Ashbeck on 9/30/2015

Right now I need a new job because my last two jobs have been expired and one of them is only seasonal so please pray so God may find me a new job according to His plans. I had been graduated from high school since May 30 and I am currently unemployed.
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